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Welcome to a refreshing kind of company.  One that develops products that make a difference! We all work our best to look and feel great.  Until now, the skin care industry has taken advantage of our vulnerability.  We are not all scientists who can easily understand ingredients that we can barely pronounce.  jodiLee was created for a single woman who wanted to feel better about her skin.  It evolved to her friends and family and then their friends and family.  Each product has been designed with passion, care and the promise to serve a real purpose to your precious skin.

ECO Tech

Color Safe

Anti Agers

Sulfate Free

Paraben Free

Ace Of Vitmains

Cruelty Free


Recycleable Materials

Organic Ingredients


ECO Tech



Vitamin AVitamin A

Nicknamed, the "NORMALIZER" because it is the only ingredient that can reverse an aging skin cell and make it healthy again.


Fresh to Order

Would you buy a bag of spinach that had a 5 year expiry date on the package? No? Then why do we buy our skincare in this manner?


Science 101

Science doesn't change. Remember the basic principles of Science. Oil and Water don't mix! What is our Skin made of? OIL!

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