Skincare, makeup and treatments aside, the most important addition to enhance your own beauty is a smile.
Should you be a fortunate individual that can afford to buy skincare, please pay it forward by adding $1 to your order to support “Collateral Damage – for mental health & suicide prevention” to help someone else smile.

UNDER THE SAME SUN MANDATE – UTSS cares for disadvantaged students with albinism, placing them in select boarding schools, where they are protected, integrated, and provided with the tools they need to learn. People with albinism, with the help of our donors, can complete any level of schooling from primary school to PhD.

.jodiLee will match your donation 🙂

What you’ve helped us achieve so far:

  • 400 students in the program since 2010
  • 85 graduates
  • Vocational training and career placement
  • The Guide for Educators of Persons with Albinism included in the official educational curriculum of all schools in Tanzania since 2013
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